How Can We Help Good Priests To Speak Up?

A blogger wrote:  “It is the question I hear and pose so often. I know there are priests of integrity out there but what can we do to help them speak up? ” What do you think? It’s important that we keep this conversation active so please blog in.


2 Responses to How Can We Help Good Priests To Speak Up?

  1. Speaking-Up says:

    Legalism and clericalism can lead to a sophisticated cult of endemic and systemic spiritual abuse, perfected over time. We become accomplices, when we comply and tell ourselves that it is
    Christ-like to suffer at the hands of abusers. We forget that Jesus often spoke-up against social injustice and in defense of others. Spiritual abuse is often perpetuated by focusing on the ‘Suffering Christ’ rather than imitating the ‘Courageous One’.

  2. Speaking-Up says:

    We become accomplices when we allow perpetrators to abuse us and others in the name of Jesus. We have been mislead, misguided, abused and lied to by our religious-leaders who have imposed upon us the clerical culture of silence and secrecy through the vow of obedience and the theology of ‘offer it up for the salvation of souls’. It is not Christ-like to become silent on-lookers to immoral and criminal acts. We forget that Jesus often spoke-up against social injustice. Now to a previous comment on another blog ‘until our good priests stand up and speak out, they are nothing more than enabling participants in this unhealthy instituation.’ How do they speak-up? Do we have a safety net for them when they do? Or do we throw stones at them according to the Mosaic Law, as soon as Mother-Church throws them ‘under the bus’? The way I look at this situation, the laity can express themselves in these blogs, whereas members of the clergy and the religious-orders cannot speak-up for fear of character-assassination, humiliation, community-shunning and the loss of income, pension, health benefits, career. Their employer is also their spiritual-advisor. Quite a conflict of interest to their disadvantage. A life-time of service in poverty, chastity and obedience … long hours… late retirement… below minimum wage…isolation and loneliness…platonic friendships discouraged…financial, emotional and spiritual dependence on their Superiors…a documentation-trail of their ‘grevious sins’ in case they decide to speak-up…a struggle against guilt because of unrealistic expectations…a solitary journey on their way to perfection. Let’s ‘Walk the Talk’ by financially, emotionally and spiritually supporting our “good” priests.

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