“Keep the Faith, Change the Church”

The tag line, “Keep the Faith, Change the Church”,  is the central message of the international church reform group, Voice of the Faithful. What does keep the faith, change the church say to you? What does it mean to you? With many baptized Catholics leaving the Catholic Church and seeking other forms of sanctification, have they left the faith, left the church or both? Can church reform bring these former Catholics back to the faith? What needs to be done to accomplish this? How can you help? Who starts the changing momentum into motion? What role do faithful Catholics and faithful priests play in this process? Let’s hear from you! Invite friends and your parish priests to reply to these questions!

” GoodPeople 2 GoodPriests” has subscribers on four continents including Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. So join in and invite others throughout this global community to do so as well. Looking forward to more subscribers and comments. Let’s make it happen!!


10 Responses to “Keep the Faith, Change the Church”

  1. Paul in DELaware says:

    IT would be easier to change churches. Baptist come to mind.
    As far as trusting CATHOLICS?
    Are you kidding me?
    Fool me once, shame on you.
    Fool me for 60 Years??
    NOW. reneg on all they taught?

    I am fed up with progressive politicians and politics.
    The CHURCH is not a progressive organization.
    Never should be.
    Re read the Bible, not just excerpts..

  2. drnickmazza says:

    Paul: The “fn” has been removed from your comment. It is not acceptable language for my blog. Your brother Nick

  3. Robert Stewart says:

    Faith essentially has to do with trust or confidence in God and the commitment that flows from that bond. I am persuaded that many who no longer consider themselves to be Catholic continue to be people of faith; and I believe the recent Pew report supports that. These are people who continue to put their trust in God and live as committed Christians, people who are faithful to God but no longer have allegiance to the Catholic Church. We Catholics do not have a monopoly on faith, although we have at times asserted such and acted as if we did.

    Church reform, in my opinion, will not bring many of these folks who left the Catholic Church back to the faith, because they continue to be people of faith and never abandoned their faith; they are simply no longer practicing Catholics. As for bringing these folks back to the Catholic Church, I doubt that so-called reform will do it, unless there is a genuine spiritual renewal of the Church, i.e., real metanoia.

    The Catholic Church, or any church for that matter, will, I believe, attract people to membership and the returning to membership when people see in that body of believers “a reality imbued with the hidden presence of God,” as the late Pope Paul VI said when talking of the Church as mystery–sacrament. Unfortunately, people have left the Catholic Church and joined other churches because we Catholics, especially the so-called leadership, have failed by our words and actions to mediate “a reality imbued with the hidden presence of God.” Those who have left, I have to believe, could no longer perceive the presence of God in the institution that became so dominated by a hierarchy. The problem with people leaving the Catholic Church is not so much a loss of faith in God, in my opinion. It seems to me that genuine reform can only happen when there is a spirit of renewal blowing through the Church, a spirit that brings hope and confidence, one that assures people that this institution is indeed “a reality imbued with the hidden presence of God.” I believe we had that sprit during the days of Vatican II, when so many bishops began to see the reality of the Church in a new way and experienced a conversion; but those days are long gone, unfortunately. That spirit may again one day blow through the Church, but I am not expecting such until death comes to many bishops and their replacements are not clones of the current crop that came to be during the papacy of John Paul II and whose primary concern was celibacy of clerics, opposition to the ordination of women, and opposition to birth control. Are these the concerns that would persuade people that our Church is “a reality imbued with the hidden presence of God”?

  4. Speaking-Up says:

    People of Faith may have left the Catholic Church because they are looking for a personal relationship with God and are tired of waiting for necessary church-reform. How long do they wait on Roman approval for the ordination of married-priests, ordination of women, acceptance of birth control as well as an inclusive, transparent, open and accountable church. These People of Faith are often judged as having lost their faith or their vocation in a particular Order. Then there are those People of Faith who care enough about their church to remain in it while ‘speaking-up’ against clericalism. Denial by church and laity alike cause these people to be shunned as traitors, when, in fact, they are our heroes. By taking this stand, they have risked their reputation, their status, jobs and careers, while the complacent and the docile are compensated with ecclesial titles, status and wealth. I have a flicker of hope that a new church can be reborn from the ashes of the old.

    • We never know WHEN a light is going to be “turned on” in our minds. As I was reading this post a light came on— I hope I can transmit to others what it was like, or about:
      Look at it this way please: God has not planned , or willed, for us to be reforming any institution, much less an “institution” professing to be “God’s Kingdom On Earth.”
      The whole panorama of scripture in the bible tells this story:
      Outside of Israel, the nation that God has chosen to eventually be FIRST among nations, the HEAD and not the tail—-
      there is no plan in there for any earthly institution [call it church if you will.] Rather, in the scripture God has revealed that [again- outside of Israel] through faith in the cross and the resurrection, we are made members of His Body. [Paul is the apostle who had this message and he called this Body the church.] That doesn’t mean for a second that it is the same “church” [Gk. eklesia or called out assembly] that Israel was and will again be.

      This Body is properly called an ORGANISM, but not an organization.
      Nice posts here— a very good start to Dr. Nick’s forum imo.

  5. Dr. Mazzi, I haven’t read the replies yet, but I will do so at the earliest opportunity. I just want to briefly say that you have found and presented a “Question of Questions!” It would indeed take volumes to begin to approach answers to the questions you ask IMO.

    Your questions are closely related to what Susan Matthews calls “the vast chasm between my faith as a Catholic, and the Institution.”

    I am certain that I will have contributions to this topic later on. Thanks for providing this forum.
    My site now has its Search in operation and it is very good at finding material collected over at least the last 10 years. Please visit and look around.

  6. Speaking-Up says:

    I’ve been doing some research on Catholic Reform Movements and hope that these links will help both the clergy and the laity. The way I look at this situation, the laity can express themselves in these blogs, whereas members of the clergy and the religious-orders cannot speak-up for fear of character-assassination, humiliation, community-shunning and the loss of pensions and benefits. Their employer is also their spiritual-advisor. Quite a conflict of interest to their disadvantage. A life-time of service in poverty, chastity and obedience … long hours… late retirement… below minimum wage…isolation and loneliness…platonic friendships discouraged…financial, emotional and spiritual dependence on their Superiors…a documentation-trail of their ‘grave sins’ in case they decide to speak-up…a constant struggle against guilt…a solitary journey on their way to perfection.

    Below-mentioned are some useful links which, in turn, lead to further sites.


    I find it helpful to review the various resources in order to focus on my areas of interest and concern.

  7. This post will be a true revelation to some of the readers, and to others it will be offensive because they are unteachable. Sorry, but that is simply the truth.
    I could title this piece “Do You Believe In Santa Claus?” because , in a real way, what I am going to expose to you is similar to the question of : Is it right or proper to teach your children to believe in Santa Claus?

    I choose not to use a lot of scripture quotes in making the following point since this is not meant to be an exhaustive apologetic, but rather a general statement of a principle that begs revealing, but will be accepted by the few [the remnant.]
    I can provide the scriptures for what I expose, and have done so at my web site: http://xcatholic.yuku.com

    So, what is the connection with “Santa Claus?” Just this- the main body of Christendom, from the 1st century ad till now has been asked to believe something that is no more factual than the child’s story of the fat litle man in a red suit who comes down the chimney on the night before December 25,each year. And what is that? You ask. Just this: That the kingdom of God prophesied in the old testament and the four “gospels” to come to existence on earth, has already come— that the “throne of David” Christ is to sit upon in Jerusalem, in Israel, is only “spiritual” and is really in “heaven” , not on earth.
    I dare say many , if not most preachers who know a little about the bible know in their hearts this falsehood is being taught, but for reasons of their own, they keep the fiction going, much like the popular fiction of “Santa Claus” is kept going.

    The bible says Christ will return to rule the earth from Jerusalem and that Israel will be first among the nations, but Christendom [generically the Roman Catholic Church] claims the “kingdom” has already come and that these men in funny clothes are ruling this “kingdom” for Jesus Christ. This is why almost the total of “Christendom” is apostate.
    It is time for all to grow up and admit the error of the past—
    the truth of the Word of God will be revealed, and now is the time.

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