Homily notes of Most Rev Diarmuid Martin Archbishop of Dublin and Primate of Ireland (Pro-Cathedral, Dublin, 17th July)

Below is a small excerpt from the Archbishop’s homily this past Sunday regarding the most recent report on Ireland’s Cloyne diocese and the sexual abuse of children by clergy there. I would like to initiate a conversation on this part of the Archbishop’s homily. What does it say to you? What do these words say about good people and good priests, religious and deacons in our church working and praying and serving together? Do these words inspire hope or not? I’d like to hear from you. Let’s make it happen. Looking forward to your replies.  DrNick

“I thank the priests and lay persons in this diocese who have committed themselves to implementing our child safeguarding policies and I appeal to them not to be become frustrated or indifferent. The Church needs you.

The children who frequent our Churches need you. Parents need to be reassured by your presence. Public recognition is due to the mobilisation within the Church of so many volunteers who are in the front line in our parishes and organizations in child safeguarding.

Those priests who have ministered untarnished and generously over years – indeed for an entire lifetime – should not be made scapegoats and objects of hate. Priests deserve recognition for the good they do and they need the support of their people. I appeal to those priests who have become demoralised and half-hearted not to give in to cynicism but to heed the Lord’s call to renewal and conversion.

However, those in Church and State who have acted wrongly or inadequately should assume accountability.”


8 Responses to Homily notes of Most Rev Diarmuid Martin Archbishop of Dublin and Primate of Ireland (Pro-Cathedral, Dublin, 17th July)

  1. drnickmazza says:

    I have the full text of the homily if anyone wishes for me to send it to them, please make your request.

  2. Dr. Nick,
    Do you realize what all this amounts to?
    We are being asked to forgive and forget that for about 2000 years devious , but intelligent and educated ,men have misled, misguided, abused, lied, and even stood in the way of salvation from eternal suffering in HELL of countless poor sinners whom Christ died for?


    Paul, our beloved apostle, who spent his life’s energies to bring us the truth, warned everyone they would come and do what they have done. {Acts 21- Paul” farewell to the Ephesian elders)

    The “good works ” done apart from Christ are FILTHY RAGS!
    Therefore no mercy or forgiveness is due these false shepherds and apostate false prophets. Turn them over to the God they have mocked and leave them to His judgment.
    As a final thought, thank you my blessed LORD that I never was allowed to become a “priest” in the unholy synagogue of Satan, but by the grace of God was set aside for a small part in the exposition of your holy Word.

    • drnickmazza says:

      Thanks Gerald for your loyal participation. I’m trying to motivate both the laity and good priests to join the conversation. Your opinions are very important and part of this wider discussion. Please pass this blog site along to your friends. The more the better. DrNick

  3. george bouchey says:

    Fair is Fair. If Martin or anyone else in the episcopacy expects such a plea to be taken seriously, it will be, but there will not be “justice” for the innocent priests in the RCC until one can tell who they are with certainty, and at least the guilty priests and bishops have met their just desserts.

  4. Judy Lorenz says:

    I know in my heart that there are “good’ priests trying to serve God and their communities. The problem is theses priests are confused by their vow of obedience and they cannot speak their minds and do what is right. The “good” priests should be calling for grand juries in every diocese so all truths will be exposed and the Church is forced to return to its humble beginnings. They must be about preaching the Gospel – rather living the Gospel. Until our “good” priests stand up and speak out they are nothing more than enabling participants in this unhealthy institution.

  5. Speaking-Up says:

    We become accomplices when we allow perpetrators to abuse us and others in the name of Jesus. We have been mislead, misguided, abused and lied to by our religious-leaders who have imposed upon us the clerical culture of silence and secrecy through the vow of obedience and the theology of ‘offer it up for the salvation of souls’. It is not Christ-like to become silent on-lookers to immoral and criminal acts. We forget that Jesus often spoke-up against social injustice. Now to Judy’s comment ‘until our good priests stand up and speak out, they are nothing more than enabling participants in this unhealthy instituation.’ How do they speak-up? Do we have a safety net for them when they do? Or do we throw stones at them according to the Mosaic Law, as soon as Mother-Church throws them ‘under the bus’? The way I look at this situation, the laity can express themselves in these blogs, whereas members of the clergy and the religious-orders cannot speak-up for fear of character-assassination, humiliation, community-shunning and the loss of income, pension, health benefits, career. Their employer is also their spiritual-advisor. Quite a conflict of interest to their disadvantage. A life-time of service in poverty, chastity and obedience … long hours… late retirement… below minimum wage…isolation and loneliness…platonic friendships discouraged…financial, emotional and spiritual dependence on their Superiors…a documentation-trail of their ‘grevious sins’ in case they decide to speak-up…a struggle against guilt because of unrealistic expectations…a solitary journey on their way to perfection. Let’s financially, emotionally, and spiritually support our “good” priests.

  6. I misquoted in my post above— the “farewell to the Ephesian elders is in Acts 20, not 21. Few there be who understand the import of that passage of scripure, and why? The answer to “why?” is because it came true only days after Paul spoke it. In I and 2
    Timothy we see in more detail what Paul meant in Acts. The gospel of the grace of God came under attack by “grievous wolves.”

    Read for yourselves:
    First, in verse 25 Paul tells them he will never see them again:
    Acts 20:25 And now, behold, I know that ye all, among whom I have gone preaching the kingdom of God, shall see my face no more.
    Then in verses 29-31 Paul tells them exactly what will happen after he leaves:
    Acts 20:29 For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock.Acts 20:30 Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them.Acts 20:31 Therefore watch, and remember, that by the space of three years I ceased not to warn every one night and day with tears.

    Paul’s letters to Timothy describe that ultimately, before Paul’s execution, every last one of the believers Paul established in the churches in Asia turned against him , and followed false teachers, just as Paul had predicted.It is this apostate “Christianity” that Rome hijacked and used to rule over men as long as they could. The Vatican is the remaining vestige of the Ceasars godlike rule– the pope only a continuation. “Pontificus Maximus” is emblazoned in Rome, I have seen it with my own eyes when I visited Rome at the “Coronation ” of John XXIII. It is so plain and clear to one who looks with eyes open.
    What the apostates did was to lie to people and say that the “kingdom of God” is established on earth, and they put them selves in charge to rule in Christ’s place. A few may have actually believed the lies they told, but many were complete unbelievers. That– is what has come down to us as the Roman Catholic Church, and sadly, most of so-called Protestant Christendom is also part of this lie.
    The only place one can turn for the truth today is to the bible— the unchanging, preserved , infallible , authoritative Word of God.

  7. Misspelled: Caesar, and Pontifex.

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