St. John Vianney

Today is the feast day of St. John Vianney, Patron of Priests. Please pray for our priests today. The priesthood is experiencing dramatic change and challenges in this century. Please also pray for this posting site. May it be an instrument of conversation on topics of religion that affect all of us, both faithful and religious. You might want to consider subscribing to this site, it’s free and all the future postings will come directly to your e-mail address. Sincerely, DrNick


3 Responses to St. John Vianney

  1. Speaking-Up says:

    It is not about us (the Laity) versus them (the Church-Hierarchy). We are collectively called the ‘Church and the Body of Christ.’ I pray for the Priests who are afraid of the consequences of ‘speaking-up’, as threats abound on the dangers of doing this? I pray for the Priests who treat their Ordination as an opportunity for advanced education, status and old-age security? I pray for the Priests who neglect their priestly duties and look to lucrative transfers and career-mobility as they move up the totem-pole. I pray for the Priests who have bought into this ‘culture of death’ and are willing to perpetuate this cycle of abuse from the top-down? I prayfully support the 150 U.S. Priests who have signed a petition supporting Fr. Roy Bourgeois, who has ordained Women Priests. I pray for Priests who are organized in Austria and Australia to support women’s ordination. I pray that mandatory celibacy be ended and the opportunity to marry be allowed for Diocesan Priests and Priests of all the Orders? I prayfully support ‘Priests of Integrity’ who have broken the silence and spoken up against clergy sexual-abuse. I pray for Dr. Nick, whose tireless efforts keep this posting-site available for important discussions on church-renewal.

    • Bev says:

      Speaking Up and All,

      The priesthood is certainly a mix of personalities, isn’t it? I had the privilege of serving on the VOTF Priest of Integrity committee and processed the nominations. I applaud those priests who have spoken out.

  2. drnickmazza says:

    That’s definitely a thumbs up.

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