Troubling tragedy for 16 year old girl

This posting site is not meant to punish priests or unnecessarily showcase priestly wrongdoing but the on-going sexual abuse of our youth has to be brought to the attention of the faithful. Change is obviously needed in the church and immediately. It simply is not right to allow this distorted behavior to continue. Should mandatory celibacy be ended and the opportunity to marry be allowed for diocesan priests in the Latin rite? Let’s discuss this more. Please join in the conversation and even subscribe to this posting site to bring the conversation out in the open. Sincerely, DrNick


An 87-year-old Bronx priest was arrested Wednesday for sexually abusing a teenage girl who just started working in his church, prosecutors charge.

Father Jaime Duenas was collared inside the rectory of the Church of the Blessed Lady on E. 233rd St. near Secor Ave. in Eastchester in the afternoon, according to the Bronx District Attorney’s Office.

The 16-year-old victim started working last week in the same church rectory, where Duenas sexually abused her, sources said.

“She didn’t protest to getting a massage,” Duenas said in his cell before his arraignment last night, according to prosecutors. “She was wearing short skirts.”

Duenas was arraigned last night on charges of sexual abuse, forcible touching and endangering the welfare of a child.

He was released without bond. The judge ordered the priest to stay away from the victim.


7 Responses to Troubling tragedy for 16 year old girl

  1. Bev says:

    She may have been dressed provocatively. Unfortunately, the bishop/priests will have a good chuckle at the girl’s expense. This may indicate the priest being involved with women for decades. I’ll bet it is suggested that she get a job elsewhere. Anyone agree?

  2. Robert Stewart says:


    Re: “Should mandatory celibacy be ended and the opportunity to marry be allowed for diocesan priests in the Latin rite?”

    The Roman Catholic Church already permits priests to be married. Of course, those permitted to do so were once Anglicans.

    Celibacy is optional, except for those baptized as Catholics and who have a vocation to the priesthood.

    Who in their right mind could possibly believe that mandatory celibacy should trump celebration of the Mass, the ministry of the other sacraments, and the ministry of the word? It is nonsense, and everyone in the Church knows it is nonsense, other than the current pope and those in the hierarchy who believe that Bishop Bill Morris in Australia was in error when searching for pastoral solutions to the dearth of priests needed to celebrate the sacraments.

  3. Speaking-Up says:

    We cannot allow the on-going sexual abuse of our youth and if we have to take down one offender at a time, so be it. In addition, we need to eradicate the problem at a grass-root level, which is during the Formation-Years, when the ‘spirit and will’ is broken under the guise of religion. Perhaps akin to the breaking-in of a beautiful, wild horse. The majestic grandeur of the horse-spirit changes into a docile, fearful and submissive one.

    Religious abuse is the fore-runner of all types of abuse, including sexual abuse. When religious leaders are given the power, by the hierarchy, to discern the spiritual well-being of another, then it is no wonder that abuse will creep into the system. When a Superior is allowed to discern if the other has a ‘vocation’, then we have the potential of a serious abuse of power. Power corrupts … absolute power corrupts absolutely. Some Superiors unabashedly say that they stand in place of God Himself. If we have so many false gods in our midst, how can we find the time for a personal relationship with the True God.

  4. It has nothing to do with celibacy and everything to do with an abuse of power and a absurd sense of entitlement. I just had a conversation with a state rep/former D.A. who asked – how much damage can an 80 year-old do? ( in reference to the current statute of limitations in PA). I’ll send him this as an example of how much damage can be done.

    • drnickmazza says:

      Susan, you make a great point about the abuse of power and it is especially damaging when the abuse is from a member of the clergy. Much luck with the SOL in PA.

  5. bev says:

    To add a more appropriate comment…studies show the majority of sexual abuse is committed by middle-aged married men.

    As many of you know, sexuality was not addressed in the seminary until the 1980s. Now every effort is made to instill the charism of celibacy as part of the seminarian’s sexuality.

    Seminary admission committees and vocation directors are using more sophisticated testing to weed out those applicants with psychological problems.

    Will all this work in the attempt to prevent sexual abuse? Time will tell.

    If optional celibacy becomes a reality, then priests would became part of the middle-aged married men group noted above.

    • drnickmazza says:

      Bev. Thanks for your sharing. Your point is well stated and I believe you are very correct. In a previous posting, Susan Matthews indicated that it was an abuse of power and an absurd sense of entitlement. She is correct as well. I can’t help but think that a lifetime of not experiencing sexual intimacy can also be a factor. I can stand corrected.

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