What Makes A Good Person ??

BGTP Story

Yesterday’s posting asked the question, What Makes A Good Priest?? In all fairness, I decided to find out whatmakes a  good person. In my travels through the internet world of google, I came across the BGTP (Be Good To People) story. Its philosophy is to promote “being good to people world-wide”.  I’d like to hear your experiences of good people helping you and you helping others. A great way to put some “good”  to our summer fun. DrNick  PS: In my mind the apparel and life-style accessories are secondary to the message. Please read their story.
The Story
The idea for Be good to people. ® was inspired believe it or not, by a rude experience that founder Kris Wittenberg had back in the spring of 2008 while running errands at lunch. The exact bad experience has long been forgotten but the idea that people need to be better to one another has not.

Once back in the office of her promotional products company, SayNoMore! Promotions, she exasperatingly asked, “Why can’t people just be good to people?” Given her entrepreneurial spirit and her longing for a friendlier world she researched to see if the phrase was trademarked and if the web address was taken.

Thankfully everything was available and she took that as a “sign”. She knew she had to act, so she secured both the name and the web address and Be Good to People, the brand and the movement, was born.

Social Giving

  • Everything in our line is either black or white, because Being Good to People is that simple.
  • 5% of every purchase goes into a fund from which we recognize and reward people who are being good to people, all over the world.
  • There are more than 30 Apparel and Lifestyle Accessories in the BGTP product line. Examples include environmentally friendly, stylish, reusable containers for both humans and dogs. Along with a 100% recyclable grocery tote, notepads and a journal with a biodegradable pen. BGTP has shirts, hats and infant/toddler apparel too!

Being Good to People is…

  • It’s performing simple acts of kindness, and recognizing others for their “Good.”
  • It’s a renewed feeling of hope, relief from today’s negative news.
  • It’s joy in simple things. Returning to basic, core values.
  • It’s communicating a shared belief, like-minded people spreading a positive message.
  • It’s a movement. Changing the world, one person, one kind act at a time.

2 Responses to What Makes A Good Person ??

  1. Jim McDonald says:

    I have been a volunteer firefighter/EMT since 1979, a volunteer ski patroller in VT for 12 yrs, a volunteers director at my town’s library for 10 yrs, I enlisted in the US Army after college during the Vietnam War. I help complete strangers sll the time. How would you define “Be a good person”?

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