Our Spiritual Dignity Will Intensify Our Human Dignity

By Dr. Nick Mazza

Yes, we are called and gifted. We are called to be participants in the active life of our church. We are uniquely gifted by the Spirit of God with abilities and talents intended for the common good of all.  What does this mean and how is it lived out in everyday life?

First, who are the church? The church is not just the Vatican or the pope or the cardinals, bishops, priests, religious nuns and brothers. These individuals and their offices are there to serve the faith community. They are not solely the church. We are the church. This is the first principle in creating the church of the future.

We are uniquely gifted with a spiritual character that is meant to add to the larger character of the faith community. We are not and never were intended to be mute spectators in the life of the church community.

If you are like many Catholics, you grew up with a passive attitude toward worshiping God and participating in the faith community. In general, you were conditioned to sit ideally and mutely. Pray, pay and obey.

Well this cultural attitude is changing and needs to continue to change. I believe the Spirit of God is actively moving to change it permanently.

However, this change will not mysteriously happen. The Spirit is not going to gloriously descend upon us and create change. Just the opposite. We are called to create the change.We are called to create a spiritual community.

I’d like to here from you. Please share ways that you can contribute to creating our future church. I can’t wait to hear from you. DrNick


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