Heart and Soul of Catholic Doctrine

To all: First, I am having an amazing year spiritually. I have been reading the “Catechism of the Catholic Church” daily as well as a book by Matthew Kelley on “Rediscover Catholicism, a spiritual guide to living with passion and purpose”. Both of these have opened my heart and soul to the beauty of the Catholic Christian faith.

Too often the Catholic doctrine comes across as sterile and impersonal. I have come to the conclusion that this view of the church is more the fault of our leaders who demand more of us than God. At least this is how their leadership comes across to most of the faithful including me who has been well informed both theologically and practically in the everyday life of the church.

Catholic Christian doctrine is loving, clear and focused. It is the foundation of the spiritual life and a pathway to the divine experience. Change in the Catholic Church is more a need in the structural area of Catholic life, specifically in the governing and pastoral areas.

In respect to governing issues which is my most interested area of concern and commitment toward change, I pray and hope the church becomes a more fair and inclusive community of the faithful where all the faithful are viewed in the highest regard as equal contributors to the everyday life of our church.

As the second half of this year moves along, I am committed to making these issues the focus of my sharing. Until next time, I ask you to reply to this sharing with your comments. Remember, it is you who are the church.

Sincerely, Dr. Nick


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