Pope Francis and “Gay” Priests ?

Dear Friends:

This forum is about a conversation between “good people” and “good priests”. I invite you to share in the conversation.

I chose to name this form as I have in order to stress the reality that we have good people in the church and we have good priests in the church. I think it would be safe to state that many good people and many good priests we encounter each day will have a homosexual orientation and we might not even know this fact about them. “Who am I to judge” says the pope! Exactly. A person’s sexual orientation is not inherently sinful. So refrain from judging.

Pope Francis’ statement about not judging, in my opinion, is a great step forward and, hopefully, allowing good people and good priests to more comfortably come together in mutual respect and love. In this way we can more fully experience God’s great Love for each of us as well. The pope certainly brought that point across in his remarks.

With these principals before us, I would ask that we continue this conversation in this forum. How do you feel about an individual with an homosexual orientation being ordained to the Catholic priesthood? This question is more relevant today than in the past since the church more recently discouraged individuals entering the seminary or being referred to the seminary who openly admitted there homosexual orientation.

The forum is open, DrNick


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