What qualities do you value most in men and women in religious life?

Friends: America Magazine posted this question on their twitter page and since not all of my friends and contacts have twitter or even know about America Magazine, I thought that we could add to the conversation the magazine’s literary editor is searching for. If I receive enough responses to develop a profile, I’ll send these results to America Magazine.

If you have twitter, please consider adding America Magazine to your “follow” list. In any event, looking forward to hearing from you. I also think its time some of our priests and religious participate in this discussion. Dr. Nick

Background and question from America Magazine:
After reading Pope Francis’ remarks to the Union of Superiors General about “creating little monsters” of religious men, Literary Editor Fr. Raymond A. Schroth, S.J., asked a friend, a journalist and father of two, what quality he considered most important in a priest:

“It was extreme sensitivity to the feelings and experiences of other people. The more I understood him, I saw that he was describing the kind of sensitivity that emerges from the unpredictability, the surprises, of married and family life, where each member must constantly reset his or her feelings and desires to honor the freedom and individuality of the other.”

What qualities do you value most in religious men and women? How can community life be organized to promote them?


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