Excerpt from Pope Francis’ Exhortation “Joy Of the Gospel” #1

My friends, I would like to share a few statements from Pope Francis’ exhortation, “Evangelii Gadium” (The Joy of the Gospel). He encourages us to get out of our comfort zones and to go out to the “peripheries”. More impressively he instructs us that “Everyone, however lowly, is a gift and has wisdom” and even more direct than that to “take on the smell of the sheep”.

In my own personal life, my wife Camille and I have worked with the homeless for the past ten years. Our main experience has been in supporting the homeless families as overnight hosts. It has been a pleasure to serve them.

I would love to hear from you about your thoughts on the pope’s statements above as well as your experiences in helping the unfortunate.

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I look forward to reading your comments. Remember, your comments do not have to be perfect, just be yourself. Finally, please read the “ABOUT” section on the home page. It will further help you in sharing with the rest of us.

God Bless, Dr. Nick


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