Good People 2 Good Priests is an educational forum. It is a place where conversations on religious issues of the day can be discussed among and between Catholics from all walks of life and our priests (including consecrated religious, deacons, seminarians and pastoral ministers). Many Catholics today are inspired by Pope Francis. He is a refreshing example of a humble and spirit-filled Bishop and leader of our church. Catholics are, in a renewed way, looking for true spiritual inspiration and leadership. There is a new Spring in the Catholic Church.

As a result, there are new questions and concerns that need to be addressed as the Spirit moves the Church along this renewed journey. Many Catholics are searching their minds, hearts and souls for answers to problems of everyday life and how the leadership of the church can help them. It is my hope that this educational forum will facilitate a healthy Spirit-filled exchange among the faithful people, priests and religious. This can not happen if a communication gap exists. Enter the renewed Spring.

At various times, Good People 2 Good Priests will publish statistical and descriptive information on the common issues and concerns facing our church from the point of view of the participants and subscribers. It is my intention to use this information for the common good and allow our pastors to seriously consider and discern the sense of the faithful as it is integrated more openly into our daily lives.

Dr Nick is available as a guest blogger, speaker and consultant for religious organizations.


Reader comments and guest blogs posted at GoodPriests 2 GoodPeople.com are the opinion of the comment or blog writer, not GoodPeople 2 GoodPriests.com.

GoodPeople 2 GoodPriests.com reserves the right to withhold from publication comments or blogs deemed to be spam, unrelated or repeated. Comments that include personal attacks on other people taking part in comments at GoodPeople 2 GoodPriests.com may also be withheld from publication. Spelling and grammatical mistakes will not be corrected in comments.


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  1. John S says:

    Looking forward to this!! Thanks, Nick

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